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Khurasan University (KU) under its Office of International Affairs (OIA) establishes Khurasan Alumni Association (KAA).


Khurasan University (KU), since its establishment in 2006 as the first private higher education institute in Nangarhar, has been playing a vital role in educating the younger generations of Afghanistan in the field of Higher Education. With over 150 graduates in 5 years, KU has made numerous efforts including, but not limited to, providing students with an appropriate learning environment, recruiting lecturers of higher qualifications, up-dating and maintaining its curriculum with international standards with a belief in the strength of science and research. More than 90% of KU’s graduates are now employed at various national and international organizations and are excelling in their respective fields of management. During the past couple of years with enrollment rate increasing at the rate of approximately 60 % every year, Khurasan has gained the respect of not only the people of Afghanistan –especially eastern region, but also the trust and confidence of the Ministry of Higher Education and Khurasan’s international partners.

In addition to the outstanding domestic reputation and numerous achievements, KU in partnership with its international partners this year became a proud member of ESRUC (Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium) and signed its first foreign Memorandum of Agreement on bilateral cooperation with the Ataturk University in Turkey.

In order to remain aware of how education at KU is transforming and enriching the professional and personal lives of its graduates and where our graduates are, what they are engaged in, how they can contribute to academic and socio-economic development of their communities and how KU can help them further enhance their academic capacities, KU deems it wise, appropriate and beneficial to establish Khurasan Alumni Association (KAA). The KAA will be dedicated to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the alumni and Khurasan Univeristy (KU).


To remain in close contact with alumni and contribute to the academic, cultural and socio-economic development of Afghanistan.


  • Enabling the alumni to keep in touch with the KU and with each other by creating a reference point for them.
  • Creating an advanced and up-to-date alumni professional network.
  • Providing association members with opportunities for both educational and recreational activities such as academic seminars, workshops and short-term courses and sports and cultural events, thus contributing to the intellectual, artistic and athletic life of both KU and the wider community.
  • Being involved in charitable and social activities which contribute to society’s general welfare.
  • Contributing morally and financially to the realization of specific goals such as the promotion of KU mission and values of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect.


  • Academic Development

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment

  • Volunteerism

  • Inclusiveness

  • Discipline and Selflessness

The General Body

The general body of KAA shall consist of ordinary and associate members. Every person who has received education from KU shall become an Ordinary Member and every faculty member including visiting teacher and management official from Khurasan Univeristy (KU) shall become an Associate Member. Interested individuals meeting the membership criteria can get membership by filling out a KAA membership form. IAC (International Affairs Coordinator) shall act as a bridge between the alumni and Khurasan Univeristy (KU). Three representatives from the alumni shall maintain frequent contacts with IAC.

The General body shall hold its Annual Convention at KU, when it shall:

  • Consider the annual Report and statements of accounts of the past year presented by the Executive Committee.

  • Consider any matter presented by the Executive committee.

  • Elect from amongst its ordinary members a President, a Vice President, a General Secretary and a Treasurer of the Executive Committee for the next year.

  • Elect from amongst its ordinary members an auditor for the next year.

  • All elections shall be made by a simple majority of the General Body voting, either in person or through postal ballot.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the KAA shall consist of:

  • President

  • Vice president

  • General Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Administrator

  • Event Organizer

  • The Executive Committee shall have the power to frame regulations for carrying on its functions. Members of the executive committee shall meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss issues pertaining KAA. Emergency meetings shall be convened for issues that require immediate action.

Funds and Accounts

The income of the association shall consist of:

  • Monthly membership fees of Ordinary Members

  • Monthly subscription of Associate Members

  • Donations, and gifts, etc., from members and non members

  • All funds of the Association shall be kept in the Khurasan University Bank Accounts operated jointly by any two of the following
  • President

  • Vice President

  • General Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • The Executive Committee shall have the authority to incur all necessary expenditure on the activities of the association.