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Research Center

Khurasan University offers the facility of fully equipped research center to its students where graduates conducting different researches while preparing their research reports and thesis at the end of their degree programs.

Highly qualified researchers of KU are teaching students about the basic techniques of research writing. The to-be builder of the nation are introduced to the market where they work for couples of months while completing their internship program – the necessary part of their faculty programs.

With the aim to inter-link the theory learnt in the varsity with practical activities prevailing in the market, this research center came into being in the year 2014 where hundreds of students have conducted detailed researches about several organizations working for the development of Afghanistan.

Besides, Khurasan University publishes a quarterly research journal that includes research reports and papers about different topics of wider interests for the students as well for the teachers.

The research center has also published many books including “Quick Calculus-One” authored by Professor Mohammad Shah Ahmadzai which published recently while many more are in progress that would be published not only for benefiting students studying in KU but it would be available in the market for the masses.