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Faculty of Computer Science

We have seen an exponential rise in amalgamation of business and technology in recent years. The boundaries between IT and business strategy are blurring day by day – IT has become the backbone of any competitive strategy. Newer social applications are changing the very concepts of value creation and consumption. Mobile marketing, computational finance, virtual manufacturing, intelligent supply chains and virtual communities of practice are just some examples of this trend.

We are driven by the concept of competency-based management education. The concept connotes the development of abilities to manage self, to manage emerging knowledge and technology, to manage the environment and to manage evolving challenges and opportunities.

The Faculty of Computer Science offers a wide range of courses at various levels. The purpose of these courses is to provide opportunities for advanced studies and research in the field of Computer Science and information Technology and related fields, and also to produce highly skilled computer personnel to cater the need of Computer professionals in the country and abroad. The Department maintains high standard of education through continuous assessment and with periodic tests, quizzes, seminars and field projects. The Department maintains close link with professional organizations at national and international levels, to enhance professional and academic standard of the faculty and as well as of the students

We are promising those students who have recently passed their intermediate examinations that choosing KU for perusing your degree program would be the best decision. The interested students should contact the administration for admissions.