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Seminar on Market System in Afghanistan


JALALABAD, 8 JUNE, 2015: Afghanistan market is flourishing with each passing day as it generating much revenue to the economy and soon our economy will be able to meet its expenditure with it revenue, without any internal and external debt. These were the cruxes of one-day seminar on Afghanistan Market System organized by Khurasan University (KU) held on Monday here at the Auditorium Hall of the varsity.

Dr. Mohammad Alam Ishaqzai, Regional Tax Controller of Nangrahar province was the chief guest of the event while number of students, civil society member, academicians and journalists attended the event.

The participants were addressed about the technicalities and operations of Afghan Market System that included taxation and monetary policies of Afghanistan. Dr. Ishaqzai while talking about Afghanistan Market System said that he was very much optimistic about the future of Afghanistan market as he said it was flourishing day by day and it contribution to national revenue was doubled in last couples of years.

Mr. Ishaqzai went further to add that though department were facing so many difficulties due to lack of coordination and cooperation of the customers but now with help of mass awareness and education the department growing with passage of time and very soon, he hoped, we will able to overcome each and every challenge we face in this field.

Coordinator of Academic Affairs KU, Mr. Hafizullah Hadad in his speech to audiences expressed his great pleasure over the sincerity of Dr. Alam Ishaqzai for devoting time to answer questions of future economists while adding the future builders of the nation require experts who informed them about the practical of the theory the studying in the classes.

He went further to announce that KU administration knew the importance of such events and its benefit to the students hence such events will be organized on different and related topics for the students in the future.