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Khurasan University

With the aim of educating the younger generation of Afghanistan in higher studies, Khurasan University came into being in year 2006 as private institution of higher education and in the period of less than six years Ministry of Higher Education gave status of university to KU due to her distinguished performances in the field.

A diploma awarding institute of the past, now KU has having four separate faculties namely Engineering, Business Administration, Economics and Journalism where more than two-thousand male and female students are perusing their graduation program under the supervision of nationally and internationally high qualified teaching faculties.

Khurasan University has not only made its recognition in Afghanistan but it has joint programs with international universities of the developed world. KU is in mutual agreements with Ataturk University Turkey, HATIT University of India, Islamic International University of Pakistan, Delta International University of United States, Institute of Management Canada and PUTRA University of Malaysia. Besides, KU is also honored to have the membership of Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium (ESRUC) led by Ataturk University Turkey with 49 other best universities of the world.

KU has also having collaboration programs with Nengrahar University Afghanistan that include orientation programs for teachers and students of Nengrahar University in the Economics discipline, joint exchange visits, organizing capacity building workshops and training jointly and so more. The Nengrahar University administration has wholeheartedly appreciated KU services in this regard.

Keeping the notable performances of KU at graduation level in mind, the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan promoted KU for initiating post-graduation program. Khurasan University was dexterous for initiating Master Degree Program and hence it was enlisted with few other universities of Afghanistan which award master degree in the discipline of Business Administration (MBA).

With the help of international and Ministry of Higher Education described standards, Khurasan University educating its students with up-to-date methods and techniques with accordance to religious, national and cultural norms and traditions. Such sincere and devoted efforts have made KU the only choice of students for higher education.